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List Surfing
List Surfing
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I really love the site. So I created an app that way I can manage my ads and keep getting visitors right threw my phone. The Great thing about this site is they give you a 1:6 Surfing Ratio. So for every one site you surf you get 6 visitors to your site. now thats awsome…

List Surfing
List Surfing

List Surfing is an excellent advertising platform that I use every virtually everyday. It is a combination of three things:

A traffic exchange
A viral list builder
A social media platform

List Surfing is a manual traffic exchange with a difference

As Internet Marketer my business cannot survive without constant traffic. I need to have my offers in front of an audience all the time 24/7. Traffic exchanges give me the opportunity to promote my affiliate offers.

List Surfing is a manual traffic exchange with a difference. For as long as I remain active, my site is always in rotation.

So just in case you have never used a manual traffic exchange, you would normally need to view another member’s site to earn a credit. The more credits you earn, the longer your site can be viewed by other members.

What I really like about List Surfing is the ability that I have to advertise virtually hands free without constant clicking! How is that possible?

To qualify I only have to view 50 member websites every month and read 5 emails and that’s it! I am in business. That means my site will stay in rotation for the remainder of the month! How cool is that?

It really doesn’t take that long at all to stay active…approximately 30 minutes of my time.

I also like the thumbnail surfing feature. When you view a site, you will notice that on your left hand side another two websites pop up. You simply click on the site you want to view next. I like it because it gives me a measure of control over the sites that I choose to view. This feature is not available with all traffic exchanges.

You will be able to determine when you need to surf again by visiting your home page.

Looking at my home page, I can see right at the top, smack bang in the centre of the page that I am active till January 23 2018. So on January 24, I will need to surf 50 pages to keep my site active for a full month.

ListSurfing is also a viral list builder

List SurfingEmail marketing is an incredible, powerful method of advertising.

For whatever reason, I find that I am more successful when I promote offers through email marketing.

List Surfing allows me to promote my offers through its viral list builder. In order words, there are some members who are happy to receive my emails and in turn will send me emails with their own promotions. Not all members choose to use this feature.

Over the last 2 years I have done a lot of surfing at List Surfing. In addition, I have viewed a lot of member emails. This has allowed me to build a healthy credit bank. As a result, I send out emails (when possible) every day to other members.

ListSurfing also integrates social media

I like the fact that I can visit a member’s profile and check what they promoting.

It is also great that I can leave a comment in a member’s profile. It allows me to brand yourself and get known by other members.

Because this site is so unique I really dislike the fact I can only have 1 site in rotation! However, if I upgrade my membership it is possible to have more sites in rotation.

Does List Surfing convert?

The fact is this: it really depends on what you choose to promote.

I do get sign ups to other programs from List Surfing. So this is a platform that I absolutely recommend.

How do I know that I get signups from List Surfing? By tracking my ads! I suggest you do the same.

List Surfing

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